Insurance Coverage to Keep Your Janitorial Business Running Smoothly

Janitorial service companies usually work with different buildings like offices or banks. They will go to the business after hours and clean the whole building so that it is fresh and ready for business the next day. The fact that the cleaners will be at the place of business after hours means that the employees performing the work will need to be trustworthy. Also, janitorial services work with many different types of chemicals while working which means that problems can arise. In the event that a janitorial business runs into a problem, it is important for them to have insurance. With a company like Bolt Insurance, your janitorial business can thrive even through an accident or problem that may happen.

Why Insurance is Important

If you own a janitorial business you will have employees that are going to be working in various offices after hours. This means that you will want to make sure that your employees can be trusted to work around items that can be expensive or irreplaceable. Your employees will also likely be traveling back and forth to the different places that will be cleaned. The travel can mean that an accident could occur while the employee is in route. They will also be working with chemicals that can be very harmful if they are not used properly. They can damage property or even hurt an employee. For all of these reasons it is important to have insurance for your business that will cover any losses that may occur during the process of performing janitorial services.

Types of Insurance

The basic coverage that businesses carry is general liability. This type of insurance will cover any bodily injury and damaged property and the amount will be based on the level of liability that is obtained. Because your employee will be traveling to each location means that you will want to have some type of automobile coverage. This is important whether they are driving a company vehicle or if they are using their own. Another coverage that all business should have is workers’ compensation coverage so that if an employee is hurt on the job, they will have some type of compensation while they are recovering. Then there is errors and omissions coverage which will cover anyone working for the company, even contractors that are hired. The plus to this type of coverage is that legal fees will also be covered. There are also times when a business will find out too late that they have a distrustful employee. Maybe one of the businesses they clean notices that something has been discovered missing. There has only been one person in the building from time it closed until the time it opened, and that was your employee. With employee fidelity insurance, any theft of an employee will be covered.

With all of the possibilities of problems that can happen while your company is cleaning different businesses, it is important to protect your own company with insurance. Not only will it cover losses, it will also help your business stay in business if it encounters a problem with one of their clients.

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