Facing up to high blood pressure during the times of pregnancy

When you are pregnant and high blood pressure is something that you need to be aware of. This also goes by the name of hypertension and this is bound to worsen if you are already suffering from the same before you became pregnant. Normally it lasts before 20 weeks of pregnancy and this is going to stretch after 12 weeks of birth. Medicine for high blood pressure in pregnancy could be a welcome change and keep things under control.

When you are pregnant, it could be accompanied by high blood pressure leading to preeclampsia. Both of them could be related, but it is different. If you have high blood pressure once you become pregnant, then you might be wondering on how it is going to have an impact on your pregnancy. The first thought would be what would be the situation if I would not have become pregnant at all.

Could healthy pregnancy and high blood pressure go hand in hand?

It is suggested that you do consult your doctor before you go on to become pregnant. It would present an opportunity for your health care provider to figure out whether your blood pressure is under control and medicine for HIV during pregnancy could reviewed at the same time. If this is the case it could lead to serious form of complications like stroke, kidney failure along with liver problems to name a few.

Is there any chance of suffering from preeclampsia?

This is a condition of high blood pressure that is bound to occur during the stage of pregnancy. If your high blood pressure is also under control before you become pregnant, there is a chance of suffering from preeclampsia as well. This is not going to be norm in all cases. If you are suffering from the same, the doctor may try to induce labour earlier so as to prevent any form of complications. If it is on the higher side the doctor may ask you to opt for a C section.

When is your pregnancy classified as high risk?

The precise indicator of high risk pregnancy would mean that you have a history of medical problems and high blood pressure tops the list. Say you are suffering from high blood pressure and become pregnant then automatically your pregnancy is going to be classified as high risk.

Such type of pregnancies needs a lot of caution and the expert advice of a health care specialist. You are likely to get in touch with a specialist who deals with such type of pregnancies. Coupled with the fact that you may be asked to visit a prenatal care centre before you head to delivery. This leads to a situation where your baby is less likely to fall sick during this juncture. These centres work with the doctors and medical staff to ensure that you do have a healthy pregnancy on all counts.

To conclude it is possible to suffer from high blood pressure and still deliver a healthy baby.

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