Build Your Buzz: Ways To Increase Media Attention

Let’s face it, all the businesses and organizations out there want to get as much media attention as possible. And getting the attention of the media sounds very easy but in reality it’s a very frustrating thing. To you a press release might be extremely newsworthy or the product that you are about to launch might be very important for you but to some media outlets it won’t be the BIG news and you won’t get the attention that you expected. And then there are times when our newsworthy announcement/release becomes so important for the different media outlets and radio stations etc that they all come running towards you to publish and broadcast your story.

According to NewswireNEXT ( now, a lot of people out there have this common question in their minds that what exact type of news attracts the media outlets and what to the listeners and readers actually want to know and read. In short, people want to know how to increase and get the desired media attention for their business/organization. And if you are someone with the same question then you need to stick with this article a little longer because today we are going to answer this question of yours in detail.

1-Define their obsession

There was a time when people used to follow the thumb rule in order to increase the attention of media towards them and the thumb rule was to cover sex, health, money or scandal. However now things are a little different as this is the age of niche, now you just have to give out the stories and releases that are relevant to your audience. Just send your story to the right source and make sure that it contains all the elements that can excite your audience.

2-Keep it short

No one has the time to read the history about your business or read how you became successful. People just want to know to the point message of your release and that’s it. So, stop writing long stories because honestly the longer your story is the more complex it will become for people to understand. Give people something that is precise, to the point and simple. Says Roger from Ed Cal Media Agency.

3-Don’t focus on yourself only

If your release is all about you and how you are so awesome with your business then maybe you are doing something wrong and maybe this is the reason why you are not getting the proper media attention. What you need to write instead is your impact on the lives of other people. The media industry seeks people and their stories that change something or have an impact on someone. So, when you are crafting a story it should tell how you are trying to serve the needs of other people.

4-Include pictures and videos

Never send away simple text based releases because they look boring and when a piece of news looks boring, no one reads it. The only way to build your buzz is by using pictures and videos in your story to make it look visually attractive. Picture and videos help in evoking emotions and if you can do that right, you get to earn all the media attention that you need.

These are a few ways that can help you build your buzz. Just remember that you have to stay honest and genuine with your work and you will see how your passion will shine through.

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