Boycott Israel – A Peaceful approach

  • Living in denial is not human. That is what differentiates us, the human beings, from rest of the species on earth. We have been imparted with powers to analyze, judge and act for the overall well-being of human society. And one of the important principles of human society is peaceful co-existence. Unfortunately, we are lacking on the same with reference to ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict.
  • Historical events are witness to the fact that sovereign issues cannot be resolved militarily, as an aggressive measure. Use of force leads to collateral damage and no one gets benefitted out of that. Innocent people cannot be subjected to cruel war games. It is not right and cannot be justified in whatsoever manner. Instead, peaceful measures are the best resort to take a stance.
  • The ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict, which originated from Arab-Israel conflict, is really disturbing and painful. You feel teared apart by looking at the sufferings of the common people in media/ social media. What wrong do they have committed to suffer like that? Who is responsible for their plight? What can be done to help them lead a normal life with their near and dears? These are the questions that need to be understood well and get answered. No one can and should deny peaceful living to anyone. As mentioned earlier, peaceful co-existence is what makes us human.
  • People have grouped up and started various campaigns to boycott Israel by avoiding any economic, political or cultural ties with Israeli companies or organizations and Israeli individuals as a means to oppose Israel’s policies.

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign

Started in 2005 by over 170 Palestinian NGOs and labor unions, BDS campaign is an ongoing movement to keep up economic, political and cultural pressure on Israel to withdraw from occupied territories, removal of West Bank’s separation barrier, grant right of return of Palestinian refugees and to ensure full equality for the Ara-Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Few Product Boycotts and Disinvestment campaigns at glance

  • Norway –In December 2005, as a result of a national campaign called Boycott Israel initiated by Norwegian activists in June 2005; a motion was passed by the regional council of Norway to completely boycott Israeli goods.
  • Canada – A resolution was approved by Canadian Union of Public Employees – Ontario, to support ongoing Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign as a protest towards West Bank barrier and till Israel acknowledges the right to self-determination of Palestinians.

 .Belgium – Export of weaponry to Israel was halted by the Belgian government in February 2009 as what was seen could strengthen its military power.

  • Trade Union Congress (TUC) Britain –Britain’s TUC approved a proposal that called for boycotting of products that originate from territories occupied by Israel with underlying reason being to step up the pressure on Israel to end occupation of Palestinian Territories, abolish illegal settlements and removal of West Bank Barrier.
  • Boycotting of Supermarket Chains – The Palestinian Authority, in November 2009, lead a campaign to boycott supermarket chains in West Bank selling products from Israeli settlements.

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